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Southern California Real Estate

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Patty Williams Real Estate Team offers Home Tours


We won't waste your time.  We dig deep to get to know you and match you with only properties that will excite your senses ready for creating memories.  There are so many factors to consider and we'll help narrow down your choices so you won't be exhausted in the process!  Learn more and contact us today!


Our resources and experience will help you select the financing options that are right for your individual circumstances.  We will help expedite the process and ensure you understand all of your options.  Whether it's a buyers market or a sellers market or everything in between, we've got you covered!  Let's talk about what's available today!

Patty Williams Real Estate Team offers Financial Options
Patty Williams Real Estate Agent Offers Expert Negotiations


Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to know what you are doing. You need someone with years of experience and resources from my team to help you negotiate complicated scenarios whether you are a seller or a buyer. Book an appointment today!

Seller Services


People need to envision themselves living in your property as soon as they walk through the door.  Our team has years of experience with staging and will make suggestions to ensure people are excited about their new home - ultimately leading to a faster sale!  Contact us today!

Patty Williams Real Estate Team offers Expert Staging Services
Patty Williams Real Estate Team Offers Professional Photographic Services


In the 21st Century it's all about engaging people with compelling imagery and video.  Our photographers and videographers are top notch professionals and will capture the essence of your home from every angle!  Let's talk about your options for what is right for your individual scenario.

Digital Marketing

Perhaps it's an email drip campaign or maybe a social media post on channels where people are looking to buy...either way we'll get people to see your home from a variety of channels!  Scroll below to book an appointment with us today.

Patty Williams Real Estate Team offers Digital Marketing Services

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